Simply​ Rooted Wellness is a Holistic Wellness Clinic here to serve Tulsa, B.A., Jenks, Sapulpa, Muskogee, Owasso, and other nearby communities.

We offer Holistic Therapies to enhance the well-being of women, men, children, young or elder. Our staff has a passion dedicated to helping others take back control in their health decisions. We come from a background of the standard medical environment where therapy meant life-long prescriptions, major surgery, and medical bills multiplying with no alternative options.

We want to share ancient knowledge that has helped heal humans since the creation of time. 

Simply Rooted Wellness provides individuals with a range of personalized holistic treatments that may include traditional herbal therapy and reflexology.

Simply Rooted Wellness specializes in Maternal Health through holistic doula care and peri-steam hydrotherapy, also known as yoni or vaginal steaming.

Mission and Vision

To inspire the local community to be involved in their own health decisions by providing holistic services that heal, resets, and preserves the body. We see a strong and healthier community making everyday decisions to better their overall wellbeing.

If you would like to donate to our efforts in community wellness education, we greatly appreciate every penny :)

Meet our Holistic Wellness Team